Sunday, August 25, 2019

Kyushu Pancake Cafe

I have to confess. I have a slight obsession with Kyushu Pancake Cafe, to the extent that I have been there once every weekend for the last three weekends, partly also because I was using the Burpple Beyond deal.  

A Mujiesque interior with a cosy feel. Wooden furniture and minimalist, with lots of sunlight.

There is a documentary showing on the television, which is played on loop. It was part of a year long project where the videographer's team visited each farm where the grains were grown as they traced the activities from the sowing of seeds to harvesting. It is a bit of a brain washing because after visiting it a few times, we now can hum the jingle at home, and who can ignore lyrics about pancakes!

Made from seven grains grown in the Kyushu province, and 100% raw sugar from Okinawa and Kagoshima, these deceptively simple looking pancakes are on different level. We tried a couple of pancakes so far, and my favourite is the Berry-Licious Waffle ($16.90). It is on the pricey side and we would have settled for the cheaper Kyushu Good Ol' Classic ($7.90) if not for the Burpple deal (I think Burrple Beyond is less transparent than many food apps but that is a story for another day). Once you eat them, you don't feel like eating McDonald's hotcakes anymore. They are dense in texture, yet light enough not to taste like cake. The generous berries compote and ice cream give the pancakes the necessary moisture. When we ate the Kyushu Good Ol' Classic on one occasion, we felt that the pancakes were a little dry.

This cafe is kids friendly where they have a collection of books for children available near the entrance. If you wish to make pancakes at home, you can also buy the premix. Other random goods like wooden plates for children are also available for sale. Good pancakes, just on the pricey side.

Kyushu Pancake Cafe 
Novena Regency
275 Thomson Road
Tel: 6352 6265