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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Lexis Hibiscus (Port Dickson)

The hibiscus is the national flower of Malaysia. Not only is this hotel called Lexis Hibiscus, it is also arranged in the shape of a hibiscus. 

A coach was arranged for us from Singapore to Lexis Hibiscus. It took around 6 hours, including a 45 minute lunch break. 

1) Room

We got an Executive Pool Villa, located at the hibiscus leaf area. To get from the hotel to the rooms at the hibiscus (i.e. at the sea), you can queue up for a buggy. However, as we stayed rather close to the main block, it was more convenient for us to walk directly to the main block. 

There was free wifi, 2 complimentary bottles of water and some snacks. What made me roll my eyes was when I went to the reception to ask for an extra bottle of water because there were 3 of us in the room, the receptionist responded, "You may buy from the lobby shop." I said, "You mean I can't get free bottles of water?" And he said yes. 

There were plenty of pillows, which was great. However, the pillows all felt a little too soft. Many of the cushions also had pen marks on them. Is it because they are worried the guests would bring these cushions home? 

If you want a bigger room, you may wish to consider getting those in the main block instead. 

2) Toilet 

I loved the toilet. It was spacious, had strong water pressure, and you had the choice of using the shower head or the rain shower. Using the shower was also idiot proof- you have no idea how many complicated shower devices I have seen. Plus the temperature is consistent, unlike some places where the temperature suddenly changes.

There were also free toiletries provided. They smelt really sweet, one of the ingredients referred to something about hibiscus.

There is a partition between the shower area, the toilet area and the basin. There is a glass door which leads to this area. There are no locks to the glass door, the shower and toilet area. So you better be comfortable with who you are staying with.

There is a small part of the floor where you can look through and see the sea below. On their webpage, it says that this glass panel is for you to view the marine life. Marine life? Dirty water more like it.

If you step out, there is a sauna area and a dipping pool. If you are looking for privacy, do not stay at the hibiscus leaf area, choose somewhere further. Anybody from the main block or on the buggies can see you enjoying in the dipping pool.

3) Breakfast

Limited variety of food. For 2 days, I had nasi lemak because that tasted the best. I have my doubts about their food handling methods. One night, we saw a trolley of ham, wrapped in plastic, left outside in the warm weather.

Their mini muffins are Horrible, yes with a capital H. I haven't eaten such bad muffins before that I ate a quarter of it. My friend didn't believe me and took a bite- and the rest is history.

For food options, there is a cafe, a Japanese restaurant and Hibiscus Walk, a stretch of stalls selling hawker food along the beach. While I didn't try the food at Hibiscus Walk, the smell of the char kway teow was really tempting.

4) Overall

The houseflies. So many houseflies. Houseflies were a common sight throughout the resort. I was waiting in the lobby for my bus and the flies just kept coming. That kept me busy for a while until my bus came.

Overall, the room is pretty good but everything else can be improved.

Lexis Hibiscus (Port Dickson)
12th Mile Jalan Pantai
Pasir Panjang 71250