Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Epilogue Cafe

Ever since Borders closed down, a little bit of me died inside- I no longer go to brick and mortar bookshops. Instead, I order books online. 

I stepped foot into Prologue today for the first time since it was established - they are now having a sale, and are rather secretive about whether it's a closing down sale.  

In any case, please read the small print carefully before you rush down to the bookstore. It's 30% only if you buy at least four books and the categories don't overlap. Therefore you won't enjoy the discount if you buy two children books and two adult books- you will only enjoy 20% for each category (20% for 2 books or more). 

Also, the supposed $16 voucher that you will get if you spend minimum $80- one is a $8 voucher for books which can only be used after 19 July. The other is a $8 voucher for the Epilogue Cafe, provided you buy a regular price sandwich and a beverage. They don't state all of these! 

That said, Epilogue Cafe is a nice place to hang out. No crazy crowds, reasonably priced food, nice views and good food! 

I ordered a Sauteed Portabello Mushroom Sandwich ($10). I used to love the Portabello Mushroom Burgers at Cheesecake Factory until one day, I realised to my horror that they removed it from the menu. So, it was very comforting when I got to eat a decent portabello mushroom sandwich here.

The bread was lightly buttered and the sauteed mushrooms were moist and full of garlicky flavour. Pity though they were a little salty. The accompanying sides were a salad and what i think is BBQ Lays potato chips. I know this is a very bad reason, but the fact that they actually used Lays and not some crappy potato chip might have added some points to the meal. 

I also tried a bit of the Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich- the meat was well marinated and tender.

We didn't try any of the desserts because they didn't look worthy of our calories. If you spend $25 and above in a single receipt, you get to choose a free book from the shelf in the cafe. Since I didn't spot anything interesting on the shelf, I decided not to order something just so I could hit $25. Popular members enjoy a discount as well. 

A nice place to chill out with some decent food! 

Epilogue café @ ION Orchard 
2 Orchard Turn #04-16 
Tel No: 6 465 1477 


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