Wednesday, July 3, 2013

一丁 (Norbesa) (Hokkaido)

We were walking aimlessly around the Susukino area, looking at pictures on the menu to determine if they looked good. After walking in circles, we ended up at Norbesa, which is where the Noria ferris wheel is located. The restaurant might look quiet from the outside but it's actually pretty crowded. 

This is really the place to be if you want to sample food that Hokkaido is famous for- at extremely reasonable prices. The Crab Sushi (530 JPY) was so sweet and fresh. I love eating crabs and am very familiar with the slightly salty meat of the crab. But this was plain sweet. 

The Scallop (680 JPY) was also insanely good. You get to decide how cooked you want the scallop to be, as it slowly simmers in a tasty broth.

To make ourselves feel healthy, we had a portion of Salad (530 JPY for a small portion). Lots of fresh vegetables in this, together with an absolutely light and delightful sesame dressing.

We also had Yakitori (980 JPY) which was grilled from different parts of chicken, including chicken skin, chicken gizzard and chicken meatballs. This took the longest to arrive at our table probably because it takes some time for the smokey flavour to emerge.

Click here for the menu.

The food was good and worth every single cent.



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