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Chocolate Test, Singapore

"All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt." -Charles M Schulz

Monday, November 25, 2013

Cumi Bali Indonesian Restaurant

Cumi Bali has been operating for more than 2 decades and is supposedly one of the best Indonesian restaurants in Singapore. The first thing that hits us when we enter the restaurant is a very strong smell which might be a little overwhelming. Ironically, we didn't order Cumi Bali, which is grilled squid.

Simple furnishing. Initially, we thought these were christmas lights but realised that it was a mish mash of random decor.

This belecan was mild but added a subtle punch to the dishes. 

The Ikan Bakar ($28) was fish slathered with otah. This was something new and while delicious, it probably could be cooked slightly more. Maybe I'm just too use to the smoky flavours of the barbequed otahs.

The Sate Ayam Madura ($7 per stick) is a must order. Big, chunky and tender- each stick is good for two to share. The sweetness of the marinate and the slightly charred taste came together perfectly.

The curry vegetables were pretty ordinary. 

It would be better to come in a larger group and share the food. Otherwise, it might be a tad expensive. Other than that, the food here is pretty good! 

66 Tanjong Pagar Road
Tel No: 6 220 6619 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Penny University

The East Coast stretch is one of my favourite places in Singapore- not only because there's plenty of good food here but also because there's an eclectic blend of the new and the old and you get to see beautiful architecture in this area. 

There are very few brunch places in the East and Penny University stands out because it's affordable and the food is good. 

There was a pretty large lunch turnout and the place can be a little cramped. Other than that, some retro elements in this place coupled with a comfy setting.

If you have a look at their menu, you will realise that their menu options are a lot cheaper than other brunch places. I had the Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon ($12) which consists of poached eggs on sourdough toasts, hollandaise sauce drizzled over the eggs and smoked salmon. Apparently, there's supposed to be chilli jam as well- but this was not spicy at all. I had a nice time wiping this dish clean- poached eggs were done beautifully, salmon was fresh and bread was delightful.

The desserts display were pretty insane- such beautiful homely looking desserts! Croissants, little tarts, mint chocolate pie, carrot walnut cake etc. But this humble looking French Apple Cake ($5.50) appealed to me. This cake was not too sweet as many apple cakes tend to be and the baker didn't skimp on the apples as well- every bite had apple slices in it.

A very good option for brunch in the East, service was average.

Penny University
402 East Coast Road
Tel No: 9008 9314 

Sunday, November 10, 2013


There are several show kitchens at Mezza9- grill, steam basket, deli counter, wok, seafood etc. We opted for the two course set lunch ($29++) which consists of an appetiser and main course. For an extra $10, you get a dessert thrown in as well. 

The only thing that might be slightly disconcerting is that the tables are placed very near each other such that you could easily listen to the conversation at the next table. 

We were served some complimentary bread which had a crispy crust with a soft interior. The tomato dip was also a break away from the usual butter/olive oil.

For the appetisers, I opted for the Yam Pu Nim which is crispy soft shell cab with green mango salad, shallot and spring onion. This was a very refreshing dish as the sweet and sour sauce drizzled over the appetiser seeped into the soft shell crab, without making the soft shell crab soggy. Together with the crunchy bits of sour green mango, this was indeed very appetising.

Ordinarily, the tom yum soups that they serve in Singapore don't faze me at all. But this was something to be wary of. The Tom Yum Talay was so spicy, the pores on my face opened instantly. Looking at the fiery red of the tom yum, I didn't expect anything less. The fish was a little overcooked. Despite the spiciness, this soup was addictive and was perfect with the rice. Now, excuse me while I wipe my perspiration away.

The set meal also comes with coffee/tea. I opted for a cappuccino. Finally, I realise how it is possible for people to enjoy drinking coffee. The main reason why coffee isn't a daily fixture of my diet (which really isn't a bad thing) is because of its slightly sourish taste- is that caused by acidity? In any case, the cappuccino didn't have any of that sour taste and together with the chocolate cookie, made a perfect drink.

For the price and the decent fare here, I think it's worth a trip to Hyatt for the set lunch. One more thing that really tips the balance is that the service here is really attentive- didn't have to ask anyone to refill our water, pleasant service and happy faces. It was a pleasant meal!

Grand Hyatt Hotel
10 Scotts Road
Tel No: 6730 7188