Sunday, November 17, 2013

Penny University

The East Coast stretch is one of my favourite places in Singapore- not only because there's plenty of good food here but also because there's an eclectic blend of the new and the old and you get to see beautiful architecture in this area. 

There are very few brunch places in the East and Penny University stands out because it's affordable and the food is good. 

There was a pretty large lunch turnout and the place can be a little cramped. Other than that, some retro elements in this place coupled with a comfy setting.

If you have a look at their menu, you will realise that their menu options are a lot cheaper than other brunch places. I had the Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon ($12) which consists of poached eggs on sourdough toasts, hollandaise sauce drizzled over the eggs and smoked salmon. Apparently, there's supposed to be chilli jam as well- but this was not spicy at all. I had a nice time wiping this dish clean- poached eggs were done beautifully, salmon was fresh and bread was delightful.

The desserts display were pretty insane- such beautiful homely looking desserts! Croissants, little tarts, mint chocolate pie, carrot walnut cake etc. But this humble looking French Apple Cake ($5.50) appealed to me. This cake was not too sweet as many apple cakes tend to be and the baker didn't skimp on the apples as well- every bite had apple slices in it.

A very good option for brunch in the East, service was average.

Penny University
402 East Coast Road
Tel No: 9008 9314 


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