Saturday, August 27, 2011

Voyage Night Festival 2011

If you are free today after throwing your sacred vote into the ballet box, or next Friday and Saturday (2-3 Sep), do yourself a favour by heading over to the Dhoby Ghaut area to be part of the Voyage Night Festival 2011.

Seriously, I kid you not. I thought it will be ordinary stuff, but no, I was wrong. This Night Festival is anything but ordinary.

Titled The FIsh Tree, it is a school of magical fish made from everyday plastic objects. By the way, you can enter the SOTA galleries, and they are pretty interesting! I was reminded of lanterns held during Mid-autumn Festival!

At National Museum of Singapore
Titled A Dozen of Those, these are helium balloons which helm the first floor of the National Museum. Even if you don't like this, the museum is free on these nights to all. (For Singaporeans and PRs, please remember that you have free access to all museums this whole August).

And the galleries are great- this is the second time I've gone there in three years I think and it's still as interesting as ever. There was also the screening of Ali Baba at the bus bay. Loved the idea of an open movie theatre, but at the same time, we couldn't really see the subtitles and hence, couldn't understand the show!

At Front Lawn of SAM
Parking Mad. Volvo cars lined up together, with flashing lights from their windows. Look at how the lights converse with each other!

At SMU Campus Green
Loved the singing and tangoing. They even got a yangqin player from the Singapore Chinese Orchestra to play. There was a crowd there and deservedly so, as you get immersed in the rich singing of Oana Catalina Chitu!

Visit the website for details of the schedule and what performances are lined up! Everything is within walking distance and you wouldn't be let down by all the hype centred in the Dhoby Ghaut area!

Voyage Night Festival 2011
26-27 Aug & 2-3 Sep
7pm- 2 am
Various locations


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