Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Annoying Singaporean #2

This is written in a true Singaporean fashion- complete with true blue Singlish. You might need to refer to a Singlish dictionary, if you don't understand any of the terms below.

This happens most frequently in hawker centres and food courts. Where the crowds get very crazy during lunchtime, and this is probably the most creative manner to secure yourself a seat.

It could be annoying for both parties. Because the one who is "choping" the table could have left one person staying there to "guard" the table- but what's the point. On the other hand, the table could have been used for people who have already got their food and probably could have finished their food before the people who choped the table came back.

So what do we do in such tricky situations? Besides sharing tables (which is a very common occurrence), I can't think of any better solution. Maybe Singa the Lion could help.


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