Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Singapore: Satay

When I think of satay, I think of rows of Malay men at the East Coast Park Food Centre, fanning the flames, and serving piping hot satays. I also think of the ketupat that comes along with it. And not forgetting, how National Day this year decided to dress people up in ketupats and satays. Win.

Anyway, satay is pretty much something like a kebab. Where you have different kinds of cubed meats all put onto a skewer. The meat is marinated, and it can be chicken, pork, mutton or beef. It is then BBQed over charcoal, then served with gravy that is made of peanut. The sauce was first introduced in Philippines by the Spanish from South America.

It's not a Singaporean dish per se, but lots of people eat it in Singapore. It originated from the Arabs. Trivia according to Wikipedia: SIA serves satay to its First Class and Raffles Class passengers as an appetizer.

Where to find good satay:


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