Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dragon Phoenix Restaurant 龙凤大饭店

The main impetus to going to 龙凤 was because dim sum is 50% during lunch (even during weekends), which is really a steal if you think about it. Apparently, it was one of the best dim sum places four decades ago. The founding chef of this place was one of the chefs who created yusheng!

We ticked off so many items on the list, it was almost we had expandable stomachs.

The egg tarts were mini and the crust was flaky. We wanted to order a second portion, only to realise that our stomachs weren't as expandable as we thought they were.

Loved the banana prawn fritters! The sweetness of the banana complimented the saltiness of the prawns. Oh, coupled with that deep fried goodness.

The chee cheong fun's skin was slightly too thick, but the prawns were fresh and large.

I quite liked the sweet char siew su, with the crispy outer layer.

Besdies this, we also had congee, 咸水角,叉烧包,烧卖,凤爪,虾角,小笼包,carrot cake and deep fried prawn dumpling. By the way, you've been warned. It's a consensus that the carrot cake isn't that great. Other than that, the quality of the food was pretty good. And for all that crazy amount of food that we ate, the total bill after discount came to around $12 per person.

Service wise, it was average I guess. The servers weren't particularly enthusiastic, but they weren't rude or anything like that. So it's fine.

Where else can you eat such a copious amount of food and get away with paying this amount of money?

177A River Valley Road
Level 6 Novotel Clarke Quay (Liang Court)
Singapore 179031


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