Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Old Kim Guan (老金源)

As part of my efforts to explore Sunshine Plaza where it seems like there's a trove of shops plastered with newspaper articles outside their shop as to how fabulous their food is, I arrived at this place: Old Kim Guan.

This place is well-known for its chicken wings. Apparently it's one of the 100 best food items you must eat in Singapore. It's $13/14 i think for this platter where you have 4 chicken wings, 8 meatballs and a heap of supposedly prawn crackers which tasted like fish crackers. It says that it's a 2-person platter but I think it's enough for 4.

My verdict about this platter? The BBQ chicken wings were not bad, with a nice glazed and crispy skin. However, I think the stalls at East Coast food centre which sell tonnes of BBQ food can match up to this. The meatball and the prawn cracker was so-so.

As an accompaniment to the platter, I had a plate of mee pok (with prawns). It tastes like normal mee pok, with less taste. There were a lot of noodles. Overall, the mee pok was not bad.

I think this place doesn't really live up to its hype for its wonderful chicken. It's nice, but I think I can find equally good ones somewhere else. It worked out to be around $7+ per person ultimately, quite cheap considering that you're in the city area. And you would be warned by the waiter that your clothes might reek if you sit inside!

Old Kim Guan (老金源)
Sunshine Plaza
91 Bencoolen Street
Tel: +65 6338 6438


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