Saturday, March 10, 2012

Kirkland Signature Belgian Chocolate Cups

I know this blog looks like it's fading into space and never going to appear again, based on the dismal updates on this blog. But this is due to more urgent needs at hand, which is why all eating activities which are worth blogging about have ceased. Please come back in May and there will be more updates! But for today, a new label for this blog- food products! 

My mum's friend gave her a box of Kirkland Belgian Chocolate Cups. When I see the word Belgian, the two words that pop up in my mind are- waffles and chocolates!

Here are the flavours you can find within the box- Caramel, Vanilla Honey, Mocha, Almond Sea Salt and Dark Ganache.

Aren't this little chocolate cups so dainty and pretty? A thin layer of chocolate shell, filled with smooth goodness within the little cups! And then they top it off with pistachio, chocolate bean, etc! So you get to crunch on something while enjoying the delicious chocolate within the cups! It just doesn't do the chocolate cups justice if you eat the whole cup in one mouth.

My favourite is of course the Dark Ganache- every bite contains a punch of chocolate goodness. I tried the Vanilla Honey but didn't like it as much because it was a tad too sweet!

Perfect for chocolate lovers, and as a gift, just to deviate from your usual suspects! 


I bought these for a party and got rave reviews from those who tried them. One person asked where I got them (Costco), and unfortunately, I think they are a seasonal item.
I would ask Costco to carry them year-round, I would definitely buy them again.

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