Sunday, February 26, 2012

Beng Hiang Restaurant 茗香菜馆

You wouldn't miss Beng Hiang if you walked past it- the red paint and the traditional golden words against a black board. My mum ordered the dishes like a pro, because she had obviously grown up in the era of Beng Hiang. 

I wonder if it looks like Chinese New Year all year round! 

This was the Duck salad ($25) that was very appetising. Rock melon, jellyfish, duck slices, some crunchy vegetables here and there. One commented that this was like yusheng. No, besides the mixing done by the waitress, there's nothing yusheng about this dish. 

Normally not a fan of Spiced sausage and fried prawn balls (Aka Wu Xiang) ($16) but it was not bad. One was filled with prawn and the other was meat. Piping hot and crispy.

The Di Huang Miao ($10) was fried liberally with plenty of garlic. Nothing bad about this dish, just like ordinary vegetables.

Everybody loved the Yam Ring ($30). One said that it could melt in your mouth! Well, that's true because of the crispy exterior of the yam ring coupled with a very smooth consistency of the yam inside! Plus the abundance of ingredients within the yam ring makes it a great dish to try!

Their specialty- Kong Ba Pao ($15). The sauce for the pork was so flavourful and was perfect with the bun. However, I found the meat a little tough.

There was also the Hokkien Mee ($12) which I didn't like because the gravy had too strong a flavour.

Plus, they gave free red bean soup after the meal! Not too sweet and perfect as comfort food.

For this amount of food, we spent $126, including GST but no service charge. Worth it? Definitely. The service is probably one of the features here- where they look like they couldn't really be bothered about your existence. Most of them don't smile, and if you're lucky, you may be able to catch one or two fleeting smiles. Nothing much to be bothered about the service though. They are not mean, they are just indifferent. Contrast this to genuinely mean waiters and waitresses! Plus, you don't pay service charge!

Beng Hiang Restaurant 茗香菜馆 
112 Amoy Street
Tel: +65 6221 6695


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