Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Tastings Room

I walked out of The Tastings Room thinking, wow I need to come back here again. And I don't feel this way that often because often something is lacking before it can be considered a perfect meal. But the experience here was near perfect- the food, the service and the ambience.

We had a group of seven and we requested for the White Room in the Tastings Room in advance, a place where we enjoyed complete privacy. When we first arrived, one waitress (a very helpful one) proceeded to pour warm water into our glasses. My friend asked, "Do you have cold water instead?" And she answered, "Yes, sure! But just that the room will get colder so you might want to have some warm water instead." Thoughtfulness, check. Being the wine noobs we are, she also bothered to explain the different kinds of wines and how they tasted different, some sweeter than the rest.

I had a Confit of French Duck Leg ($27.90) which was served on mashed potato, poached pear and orange sauce. I know some people don't eat the skins of animals due to the fats, like chicken skin or duck skin, but seriously, if you don't try this, you are obviously missing out. I didn't expect the skin to be so crispy. Coupled with the tender meat of the duck which shredded apart so easily, and the sauce, it was such a pleasure to eat this dish. Admittedly, however, I didn't really like the grilled poached pear. Sure, it adds the sweetness to this otherwise salty dish. However, grilled fruits just don't quite do the trick for me, although it's more of a personal preference.

My friends ordered the saffron seafood, steak frites, truffle cream fettucine with wild mushroom and the rose sauce linguine with salmon. Not a hint of criticism and nothing but praise.

Before I round up this laudatory post, I give two thumbs up for service! Besides the fact that they kept coming in to refill our glasses and to make sure that they got the iced water and warm water right, the most special part was where they served a cake on a plate for three of our friends who had their birthdays in February. The cake was not even bought from them, yet they went the extra mile, to put it on a dish, to write happy birthday, and with all that lovely decoration! This small decoration goes a long way. Even better, the waitress even asked if we wanted the chef to cut the cake for us. We declined politely because we didn't want to trouble them further.

I think we all agreed that the food here is great and that the outstanding service is something really memorable!

Tip: Just in case you lose your way like my friends did, this restaurant is not within the Marina Square block. Instead, it's next to the road, and if you take the MRT and exit from City Hall to Marina Square, you just need to cross the small road and you will see it on your right.

The Tastings Room 
Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard
Tel: +65 6338 1829


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