Monday, August 29, 2011

With a Pinch of Salt

There's just something instinctive about wanting to find the cheapest set lunch in town right? Well, you might have found it at With a Pinch of Salt. (although admittedly it's not literally "in town".)

This place is very cutesy- colourful plastic cups, colourful chairs, random stickers pasted on the windows, lots of random photo frames- this place bursts with colour!

At an unbeatable price of $6.90 Nett for weekday lunches (excluding public holidays), the set lunch includes a soup, a drink, main course and ice cream.

I've been here three times, and haven't been here in I think two years. Anyway, the lunch crowd on weekday lunchtime is actually quite little because there are no office buildings in the vicinity.

The lime juice was a little too sweet, but nonetheless had the lime juice burst. The corn soup was a little diluted but there were visible corn pieces.

As for the main course, I had the black pepper pasta while SH had a Chicken Run. The black pepper in the pasta did not show up prominently enough in the overall taste of the dish. The chicken slices were quite small, although the dish as a whole is not bad. Just that I felt that the garlic pieces were too large, and like the usual finely minced garlic. Other than that, the portion was rather huge.

I had a bite of the chicken with mushroom sauce. I pretty much liked the sauce, just that the portion of the chicken was pretty small.

The dessert was chocolate ice cream- pretty standard restaurant ice cream. But it's fine- I wasn't expecting anything like good dark rich chocolate.

This place may not have the strike-alls when it comes to the quality of the food. However, the food is pretty decent despite the imperfections, and for the really low price of $6.90 for these food items, you might just want to drop by to give this place a try.

With a Pinch of Salt
297 Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 437080
Tel: 6 348 2297


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