Monday, August 8, 2011

My Humble House

This place screams of quirkiness and atas. But sorry, no photos at all because photographs are prohibited within its compound.

It's really quite ironic that it's called My Humble House or 寒舍. Because it's not. I suppose it's aptly named to show the chinese culture of wanting to be humble and making your place sound like it's made of straw even when it's adorned with jewels.

Why quirky? Their chairs were of different designs- the regal ones, the elongated ones, the extremely tall wooden chairs. Ahh this needs some skills at description. In any case, here's an image I found off Google Images (Attributed to Touched Interiors) just to illustrate my point.

You can tell that this place shouts of attention to detail. The way they position tables and utensils, the kind of utensils etc. Plus, look at the way they describe the food in the menu. It's so beautiful, you might as well just make it into some kind of poem compilation.

Servers wise, I'm actually pretty disturbed about their dressing for the waitresses. It's not that I don't have an open mind- but there's always a time and occasion for everything. For a place to be called my Humble House, it'll be nicer if the dressing can be more conservative. Afterall, for a place that places such attention to details, is it even appropriate that the navel be shown?

Peking Duck

About the food, we had the Peking duck, with the duck meat used to fry with mee sua and several other dimsum. For the peking duck, the skin was not the usual skin that's often used (i.e. the egg skin). Instead, it's some kind of white rice-flour skin that is thicker. I prefer the usual thinner egg skin because there's more taste to it and allows you to appreciate the crisp of the duck's skin better.The mee sua just tastes like your ordinary economic beehoon, with shreds of duck meat in it.

The dimsum was good, and is on par with other good dimsum that I've eaten.

Here's where the price problem kicks in. Yes, it's placed 94th in the World's Best 100 Restaurants. But this place is pretty expensive, and I'm not too sure if the quality of the food is that worth it. Yes, the food is good. But I'm sure I could get food as good at a lower price elsewhere. At the end of the day, you're paying not only for the food, but also for the ambience and everything else. Worth it? Your call.

My Humble House
Esplanade Mall
8 Raffles Avenue
Singapore 039802
Tel : +65 6423 1881


The so call "Egg Skin" is actually not the usual for peking duck....the original and more authenticated restaurant are suppose to provide "steamed flour skin" with Spring Onion with Chilli and Chinese BBQ sauce to go with the peking duck. The better restaurant that serves peking duck in Singapore will be Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant@Paragon...

Hi there! I agree that the flour skin is more authentic. However it just seems that from where I have eaten so far it's generally the egg skin that's served. And yes I have tried the one at imperial treasure although I found it a little too pricey!

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