Saturday, August 27, 2011


The lesson I've learnt yesterday: Never assume that an innocuous looking bowl of tom yam soup is not spicy. I thereby crown this place with the spiciest tom yam soup I've ever eaten thus far. Okay we shall leave that for the later part of the post.

Let me start with how this shop hidden in Sunshine Plaza, which is not too far away from Plaza Singapura and The Cathay. This was a secret find that I got to know a few months back, from a friend who told me about some "good and cheap Thai food." It's a very nondescript place, with seats in and out of the stall. But no matter where you are, it's still equally hot- so no difference.

I ordered the Pad Thai last time round. But this time I opted for the killer tom yam. SH who ate this said that it was not bad, just that the chicken was not fresh!

I had the tom yam seafood soup. It is chock full of ingredients- mushrooms, sotong, fish, prawns. Admittedly, the fish wasn't that fresh. But the rest were fine.

But guess what, this is the best tom yam soup base I have ever eaten! Sour and super spicy! Lest anyone thinks i'm a incompetent chilli eater, let it be known that I don't squirm at all when eating chilli and can't remember any dish with chilli that has made me perspire so much. (well actually there was a kway teow thingy that was uber hot cos the soup base was filled with chilli padi.)

Anyway, I broke record for taking so long to eat this bowl of tom yam. I was perspiring like crazy and drinking guava juice desperately. This killer tom yam soup teaches you: Never judge a tom yam by its soup colour!

I really recommend this place because it's cheap! It was $5/6 for the tom yam and pad thai. And we also ordered some kang kong. In total, it totalled to $16.50 for 2 people, and the portions are huge. You would have to bear with the sweltering heat at the place though!

Compared to other big Thai food names in Singapore, this place is much cheaper, yummy and serves the food pretty quickly!

Sunshine Plaza
91 Bencoolen Street
+65 6336 8852


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