Monday, August 22, 2011

Presidential Elections

And so here I am, riding on the wave about how I'm going to vote for my President this Saturday. I haven't made up my mind on who to vote for, and it seems like this decision is going to sway between who I think will represent Singapore well, and who will be the President that every Singaporean will come to love.

I've been following the reports, and here's my list.

What I look for in my President:
1) An independent candidate. The President should neither be pro-government or anti-government. There have been much talk about the lack of independence in TT, which I honestly find is an unfair statement given that a particular candidate has the endorsement of opposition parties as well. Ultimately, it's not about the past links you have, but how well you are able to portray your independence.

2) A person who doesn't treat this as General Elections. This isn't the place for you to air your views about normal day-to-day activities. This only adds to the confusion that is already swirling in people's mind about the duties of a President.

3) Someone who speaks for the people and cares for the people. And this means that the President has to be someone who is amiable, and looks after the people regardless of their social status.

4) Someone who can hold his weight in front of foreign dignitaries. The reputation of Singapore lies on the shoulders of the President, who would have to portray the image of a well-advised, wise, and thoughtful President. That, of course, includes someone who is eloquent in expressing his ideas.

5) A candidate who can understand the scope of his duty. One thing that irritates me throughout this whole thing is how some candidates mistake this for a general election. You have to know what you're running for, in order to be a good candidate. Some, obviously, did not bother familiarising themselves with the Constitution of Singapore. To summarise it in a very few words, you have to look after the reserves of Singapore, appoint key personnel in Singapore, and protect religious harmony.

6) Someone who looks good together with his wife. Afterall, the two of them will be looking at you everywhere.

7) A person of composure. Agitation over small matters signify a possible lack of lucid thought.

8) Don't mud sling other candidates or dig out their history just to spark debate. Look at them for what they are worth, and not to disgrace them over things like what games you have in your iPhone.

And I haven't thought of someone who can fulfill all the criteria. Which is why, from now till Saturday, I'll be racking my brains on who I truly want to be my President. Who do you want to be your President? Choose wisely.


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