Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Oversea Restaurant 海外天 (Singapore)

The first time I ate at Oversea Restaurant was in Kuala Lumpur. (Click here for a review of Restoran Oversea in KL). I'm not sure what took me so long to realise that it had a branch in Singapore, but better late than never. According to their website, it was set up in 2010. 

It was pretty empty on a Sunday afternoon with only a few tables occupied.

The BBQ Mixed (Char Siew and Roasted Pork) ($20) was a definite order as this is what they are known for. I'm going to quote word for word from my post in KL relating to this char siew and roast pork because the standard is consistent- consistently good. 

"Anyway, so the char siew here was both of the above traits mentioned- fatty and charred. I think people who enjoy eating the char siew here enjoy it precisely for the fats. The marinate was pretty good, but think clearly whether you are/are not a fat eater. That should be your sole determination as to whether you'd like to come here to have a meal. The 烧肉 here was VERY crispy. and i do mean VERY. So it crunches in your mouth and go KIAK KIAK KIAK. A little salty though, that's the trade off for crispy skin. But not bad overall."

The Fish Maw with Egg ($20) was an interesting combination that I haven't tried before. Wrapped together with the lettuce, it actually feels like a refreshing appetiser. The fish maw had a chewy texture.

This was the special of the day which is not on the menu. It was $12 and I actually have no idea what I was eating except for the fact that it was chicken. My least favourite dish that day although some of us said that they actually liked it and it tasted like rojak sauce (I choose to differ). The sauce tasted weird to me.

This is the dried shrimp with beancurd ($12). The sauce was a little salty but that's fine as long as it goes along with rice. The dried shrimp was deep fried and extremely crunchy. A plain dish, it may seem, but plenty of flavour (might be a little too salty for some).

Together with a Pan fried kai lan ($13), it worked out to $109.36 for six people. Tea was $2.20 per cup and rice was two dollars a bowl. No service charge. I think it's decently priced although I have to say that perhaps the only thing that you die-die-have-to-try is the char siew and roasted pork since it's well known in Kuala Lumpur for that.

Oversea Restaurant 海外天 (Singapore) 
Shaw Towers
Shaw Leisure Gallery
100 Beach Road
Tel: +65 6294 2638


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