Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Durian History

While walking along Chinatown, I saw a Caucasian, by the roadside, eat a whole box of durians on his own. That look of bliss was priceless. I was surprised because I know a lot of Caucasians get turned off by the smell supposedly because it smells like baby poo. To me (and I'm sure many other Singaporeans share my sentiments), durians deserve the accolade of the King of Fruits, whether because of its smell or its taste.

That said, I was glad I chanced upon Durian History. It's easy to spot because of the super long queue at the money changer next to it. They sell an assortment of durian desserts, such as durian pancake, durian puff, durian tapioca cake etc.

I was only interested in the Durian Pancake (regular size) ($1.50) though. Jumbo size comes at $2.50. They do it on the spot so you can be assured it's crispy! First bite- never knew that durian pancakes could be crispy! Normally, they are just soft and pancake like. Second bite- warm skin coupled with cold durian filling. Good D24 durian. Lethal combination. While they do not heap enormous amounts of durian into the pancake, I think it's a suitable amount of filling. 

Warning: Eat it on the spot and don't attempt to buy some back home to enjoy. I bought some home and it became soggy. Comes in a box if you buy 6.

Durian History 
People's Park Complex
1 Park Road


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