Monday, June 11, 2012

Ah Loy Thai

We were here a few Sundays back only to realise that Ah Loy Thai was closed on Sundays. But were we deterred by that? Obviously not! So, we were back last Saturday. We thought we had to wait since it was lunchtime but we were in, in around 5 minutes. 

Note: No GST and service charge. 

Their shop was partitioned. This is one of the two spaces, with another to its left. By the way, I don't like the plastic chairs. They look stylo mylo but they don't feel good at all for balancing.

We ordered the classic Pineapple Fried Rice ($7). It wasn't too overwhelming but just right, with the wok hei fragrance. I suppose it's not cooked with the usual yellow curry paste which normally gives pineapple rice its distinct yellow colour.

You ain't at a Thai restaurant if you don't order Tom Yum. The Tom Yum Seafood ($7.50) had prawns and squids in it, and was not too spicy.

I think the Thai Pandan Chicken ($10) totally stood out! Four big chunks of chicken, marinated in delicious condiments, accompanied by dipping sauces at the side. All the moisture locked within the chicken. Only "bad" thing was that it was a little oily.

I didn't really fancy Thai Green Curry ($7.50) but that's a matter of personal preference because I don't like the milky taste to stand out too much. Otherwise, there are many pieces of tender chicken and fishballs in it.

The Thai Fried Tofu ($6.90) had the signature Thai sweet and spicy chilli sauce drizzled over it. Good, but nothing out of the ordinary.

We also ordered the Thai Mango Crispy Chicken ($8.50) which was basically deep fried chicken with sauce over it. The sauce didn't have a very strong mango taste and we felt that this dish was not worth it.

Besides the mango crispy chicken, we were satisfied with the rest of the food. Coupled with 6 drinks, it added up to $60+ for 6 people. Sure, the service isn't outstanding. But remember, no service charge? Totally worth your buck if you are in a big group and can share the food!

Ah Loy Thai 
Shaw Tower
100 Beach Road
Tel: +65 9165 1543
(Closed on Sundays) 


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