Monday, June 25, 2012

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

Ever since I watched Madagascar 3, I have been annoying those around me and potentially bursting their ear drums by singing Circus Afro.

I didn't watch the first two installments but I don't think I missed out much because they did some recap here and there to provide the context.

There is a unspoken cardinal rule when watching cartoons: Don't laugh louder than the children. But then again, the cinema is so dark, you probably won't be judged for it later because the other adults wouldn't know where the laughter came from. 

I found the movie rather entertaining. Plot: The animals wanted to get back to New York but stopped at Monte Carlo first so that they could ask the penguins to fly them back to NYC. Because they were spotted in the casino at Monte Carlo, Captain Chantel DuBois was called to deal with the animals and she, ever so zealous, wanted to catch the lion to add to her trophy collection. Through their escapades, they met a bunch of animals from a failing circus. The lion later managed to revive the circus and as usual, a happy ending ensues.

Here's a trailer.

My friend found the movie lame, in the sense that different things are pulled together in a haphazard way then infused with vibrant colours and laughable moments. While it may be quite lame, I didn't get the feeling that I wasted my money at the theatre (it's a feeling I often get by the way). The exaggerated prowess of DuBois was hilarious and even the big bear which didn't speak at all was portrayed in a rather endearing manner. 

I watched it in 2D, because 3D movies give me a headache. But this show is obviously geared towards 3D, especially where the  circus performance starts bursting with a million colours. The soundtracks of this movie are also star studded, with Katy Perry, Edith Piaf and Hans Zimmer. 

Worth a watch I think!


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