Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mouth Restaurant 地茂馆 (China Square Central)

We decided to head down to Mouth Restaurant 地茂馆 a couple of weeks ago. If you look at the picture carefully, you will see that the restaurant is located at the shophouse with light blue paint. Don't you just love how colourful some of the shophouses in Singapore can be? 

We claimed some offer from Facebook for a free peking duck with minimum spending of $128. On their website, they also state that there's a OCBC coupon with the same deal. For example, the $128 that we spent does not include the price of desserts or the price of the duck meat. So note the terms and conditions and call them up to make them tell you all the restrictions before going.

We ordered the usual dimsum. We ordered Egg Tarts ($4) which unfortunately ran out quickly. They were delicious. We also ordered Steamed Har Gao ($4.50) and Siew Mai ($4.50), which were very ordinary. I didn't eat the Deep Fried Prawn Dumpling ($4.80 for 4) so I can't comment!

The Porridge with Century Egg/Shredded Pork ($4.50) is enough for 2 to share if you want to preserve some stomach space.

This is what they are well-known for: Cream of Salted Egg Yolk Bun ($8). I didn't eat it because I'm not a fan of salted egg yolk to begin with. But those who ate it found that it was overrated.

One of the waitresses highly recommended this Abalone Gold Packet ($14.80). The texture of the abalone was good and chewy but that was about it. Didn't particularly fancy something in there, but I'm not very sure what seafood that was.

We came here for the Peking Duck (normally $68). I can't really put a finger to it but I don't find it as good as other peking ducks I've tried.

This was Duck fried with Kobe Sauce ($10 if you ordered the Peking Duck skin). I liked the flavours of this dish, not too salty and the duck had a smokey taste.

Together with some other dishes such as Steamed Spicy Chicken Claw ($3.50), Steamed Spare Ribs ($4.20), Steamed Prawn Rice Roll ($5), Fried Broccoli with Prawn and Scallop ($25) and a Beancurd Claypot with Mixed Seafood ($16), it cost us $199.10.

We obviously didn't intend to order so much but due to various restrictions when ordering ($128 spending does not include dessert or the price of frying the duck meat etc), the amount just snowballed. I think more transparency is needed in this area and you should be aware of this before ordering if you are using your OCBC coupon and credit card. As a result, I was stuffed to the brim because we had to order so much food in order to get a free peking duck- not worth it.

No fun or joy when you're eating just because you have to meet a price quota. Perhaps due to this, we weren't particularly impressed by the food!

Service was very enthusiastic though, with the waitress who served us having good knowledge of the dishes in the menu. She also offered to make an immediate order of the salted egg yolk bun so that we didn't have to wait too long for it!

Mouth Restaurant 地茂馆
China Square Central
22 Cross Street
Tel: +65 6438 5798


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