Sunday, June 3, 2012

Astons Specialties (Changi)

I think Astons at Katong beats Astons at Changi hands down. Despite the pretty facade, the food and a particular waiter's service weren't good. The only good thing that came out of it was that I had a very good meetup with a very good friend. My previous experience here was actually okay but after this time, I think I would give this branch a miss.

The thing I like about Astons is that their food is very affordable. For a main dish with two sides, it's only around $8-10. Plus if you wanted to any anything to your order, it comes at a cheap price tag too.

The horror story begins. The waiter arrives with our order. But instead of my order which consisted of black pepper fish + onion rings + corn ($8.50), he came with a grilled fish. And my friend got the black pepper fish when she ordered grilled fish. Then, he asked as though it was not his problem that they got the wrong order, "Do you want me to change the food?" To which I replied, "Yes please." Seriously, were you waiting for me to switch the fish around? It's not that we were lazy but because there was all kinds of sauce (black pepper sauce, tomato sauce etc) it just didn't make sense to make our food taste like a coagulated mess.

The picture below is what I got. When I scraped the pepper sauce off my fish, there was a layer of white stuff, seemingly like sauce from the grilled fish (the mixed up order). I think it's absolutely horrible that I have to deal with such bad attitude and laziness from that particular guy.

If it were just the service, maybe I would go back for the food. But the food was horrible. I seldom use the word horrible because the food is normally edible. But I actually had to spit out portions of my food because I just couldn't swallow them. There were super charred pieces of the fish at the bottom which made it very bitter. I have eaten this countless times at the Katong outlet and they definitely did not have this problem. The corn was bad as well. Normally you could chew and feel the bounciness of the corn. But I was just eating mush. I wonder how old the corn is.

The only saving grace is that we actually could spent 2 hours chit chatting without feeling pressured to leave. But the food and that particular guy's service needs a lot more work. I'm not sure if it was because we went at 245 pm which meant that they were tired after the lunch crowd, but honestly, that's just a very lousy excuse I cooked up for them.

Astons Specialities (Changi Airport T1) 
Changi Airport Terminal 1
Viewing Mall Central
80 Airport Boulevard
Tel: +65 6542 4709


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