Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sin Swee Kee Restaurant

We dropped by Sin Swee Kee one day to try its famous chicken rice. That was after a round of contemplating whether to enter the slightly more crowded Swee Kee a few stores down. 

Plenty of space even on weekend lunch!

For $6.50, we got a plate of rice, xiao bai cai, roasted chicken and home made barley. I didn't see what's so fantastic about this stall. The chicken rice was normal (not dry), the vegetables were mixed with some oyster sauce and the barley was home-made. Chilli was quite spicy though. 

For the set, you could choose between chicken breast or the back part of the chicken. Add an additional dollar if you want the chicken drumstick. It's obviously better than some stores which sell super dry chicken but I think it doesn't deserve its hype. One thing good about this place is that they give quite a lot of chicken.

My friend, while eating this, was reminiscing about some chicken rice stall in Thomson. And I was thinking of some other chicken rice stall in Katong. It's such betrayal, ain't it? To be fair, I think the price is okay for the set but really, I think there are better stores out there.

Sin Swee Kee Restaurant
35 Seah Street
Tel: +65 6337 7180


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