Friday, June 1, 2012

Watami (Raffles City Shopping Centre)

Raffles City's basement is a maze such that I'm pretty sure I would not bump into another person who's in the same building and same floor. Figuring our way through the maze using the store directory, we found our way to Watami. We had to wait for around 10-15 minutes for a table for 6 around 1.15 pm.

Their lunch menu set is affordable. As you can see, for $8.80, you can get yourself a black pepper beef with rice set, salad and a drink. There are many sets for you to choose from and I'm sure you can find something you like. Click here for the lunch set menu and to browse other available menus.

I had the Hire Katsu Tamago Toji Teishoku Set ($10.80). At first the waiter put an egg into a plate and I thought I had to crack it myself. But a waitress later came, took the egg away and came back with a plate of an egg which was cracked with onions mixed in it. The food was piping hot and the egg which was poured over the deep fried pork cutlet slowly cooked. I didn't really like the rice because I felt like it was a little hard and too sticky. Otherwise, it's actually fun to watch the egg cook. The accompaniment to this dish included miso soup, a salad and a drink (I ordered ice lemon tea).

Their service is pretty good and they asked us to fill in a customer's feedback form near the end of the meal which I thought was a good sign in wanting to improve different aspects of their restaurant. The only small glitch we had was asking for the bill three times before it finally came. While the food on the menu may not be authentic, but at least it tastes quite good, fills you up and at an affordable price too.

Watami (Raffles City) 
Raffles City Shopping Centre
252 North Bridge Road
Tel No: +65 6336 2425


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