Monday, June 4, 2012

Food for Thought (Botanic Gardens)

I went to Food For Thought twice in less than 3 days (different branches though). But this time round, I went there for proper food as opposed to desserts. Located in Botanic Gardens, make sure you find the location first because you may be at the other side of the Botanic Gardens. The nice thing about this branch is that you get to walk through all that lush greenery (cross your fingers that it isn't sweltering hot).

Beautiful interior. Little pots of greenery on your table. Now, how cool's that. You have to go to the cashier to order and they will serve it to you afterwards. 

We ordered burgers because they were the cheapest mains on the menu. 

The Grilled Portobello Burger ($8) had lettuce and tomato complete with some Pineapple Sage Vinaigrette. The mushroom was grilled well and was juicy, but was lacking a little in taste. But this is perhaps because the vinaigrette was a good complement to the mushroom. Not very impressed by its presentation but its the taste that matters. The bread for the burger was okay, although it would probably have tasted better with a little butter toasted on the bread caps.

I'm very particular when it comes to pulled pork burgers. The Cuban and Ham Pulled Pork Burger ($12) had homemade BBQ sauce, Kaffir Lime Mayo, pineapple, tomato and lettuce. The pulled pork was well shredded, although it would have been better if it were more tender. The BBQ sauce was just right- not too salty, not too sweet and not too much. I think this is what makes or ruins a BBQ sauce dish.

I really liked the ambience here, perhaps because it was not too crowded and there was plenty of space and we were amidst greenery. Food was no frills and quite worth it for the price. However, if you are going to order the burgers, depending on your appetite, it may not be enough. It's kind of self-service and there's no service charge. GST is reflected in the prices.

Food For Thought (Botanic Gardens)
Singapore Botanic Gardens
1 Cluny Road
Tel: +65 6338 4848


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