Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tom's Palette Ice Cream

We happened to chance upon Tom's Palette Ice Cream after lunch at Oversea Restaurant in the same building. Sure glad we did. 

Look at all the recommendations made by magazines, newspapers etc. They also had an ice cream making workshop which we unfortunately missed.

The nice thing about this place is the price. But just because it is cheaper than everywhere else, doesn't mean it's not good. For one small cup ($3.20), you can actually mix up to two flavours in it. How many ice cream shops allow you to do that? For 80 cents more at $4, you get a medium size cup and it goes on. No cones though.

There is a good variety of flavours and you are free to try the different flavours. I didn't like the lychee flavour (sample) too much because the milk taste was too strong.

Furthermore, if you belong to any of these schools, you enjoy 10% off. Not like it wasn't a good price to begin with!

We shared a yuzu flavour plus chocolate sorbet. The yuzu flavour was very refreshing and light, sour and appetising. But a call out to dark chocolate lovers- you will LOVE the chocolate sorbet. The intensity of the bitterness is at a pretty mind boggling level. Sour + Bitter = Win.

I think there's every reason for you to come here. Cheap ice cream, good flavours and wide variety of exchange. Plus the girls at the counter are very pleasant and friendly!

Tom's Palette Ice Cream
Shaw Leisure Gallery
100 Beach Road
Tel: +65 6296 5239


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