Saturday, June 9, 2012

Kim Dae Mun

Tired of eating at Plaza Singapura, I googled for food around the area. We ended up at Kim Dae Mun, located in the food court of Concorde Hotel. When we reached around 610pm, we were the first in the queue. By the time we finished at around 645pm, there was already a queue formed. The good thing about the food court in the evening is that it's very easy to find a seat. 

To view the variety of dishes, please click on the photos above and below to view their enlarged forms. 

I ordered the Spicy Shredded Chicken Set ($6.50). You could choose a side dish (kimchi, anchovies or cucumbers). I got the anchovies. There is a very generous portion of chicken on the hotplate and they make it an effort to inform you that they use water and not oil on the hotplate. The chicken is very tender. Below that mountain of chicken is some veggies to soothe your guilt of eating so much meat. I like the sweet and mildy spicy sauce and it goes great with rice. The anchovies were also very appetising. 

Yes, the food here is not bad. But I have tasted similar Korean food at some food places at similar prices. But if you are in the area and craving budget Korean food, you can drop by!

Kim Dae Mun Korean Cuisine
Concorde Hotel 
100 Orchard Road
Food Court at Level 1


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