Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bangkok Express

Many think of Newton Food Centre as a chopping board for tourists. Complaints of how the food is overpriced and not that great are rife. But you'll be surprised that there are actually many stalls selling good and affordable food. One such stall is Bangkok Express

The Pad Thai ($4.50) had a generous portion of peanut and was not oily. The prawns were also fresh. 

I had the Tom Yum Soup with Noodles ($5). Spicy and sour, every slurp of the noodles was tasty! Furthermore, they don't skimp on their ingredients.

Four or five prawns, together with lots of sotong and mushrooms make this a truly delightful tom yam!

The standard of Bangkok Express doesn't lose out to the run-of-the-mill Thai restaurants in Singapore. The difference is that the portion might be a little smaller, although the money you save compared to eating in a restaurant is probably rather significant!

Bangkok Express
Newton Food Centre
500 Clemenceau Ave North


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