Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Civil Defence Heritage Gallery

I think many of us drive or walk past the Central Fire Station and just assume that it's a normal fire station that happens to look grand. But there are two things we may not know. Firstly, it is the oldest existing fire station in Singapore. Secondly, it houses the Civil Defence Heritage Gallery

The Civil Defence Heritage Gallery spans two floors. Admission is free but you will be required to sign in. Since not many people visit this place, you basically get the entire gallery to yourself. On Tuesdays and Fridays from 7 pm to 8 pm, there is a tower tour where visitors will get a chance to ascend the 30m tower. Not for those with height phobia!

At the first floor, you get to see how fire fighting evolved throughout the years. You can also sit in a fire engine on display to watch a TV programme. TVs are aplenty in the museum to show real life situations, such as the video footage taken from a camera put on a rescue dog. 

The second floor contains more exhibits concerning rescue efforts which does not involve only fire fighting. Honestly, the mannequins on this floor freaked me out. Plus, there was an interactive station where you could press a red button and basically point the water gun to put the fire out. The loud sound effect of the water gave me such a scare!

If your aspiration is to be a firefighter, or if your son, daughter, grandson or granddaughter would like to be a firefighter, this will be a cool place to get inspired. Otherwise, it will still be interesting if you would like to see how rescue efforts are conducted. I got out of this place rather quickly because as I said, the second level was freaky to me due to the mannequins and the sound effects.

When I got out of the museum, I saw an ambulance race down the road with its sirens blaring. Shortly after, there was a fire engine coming from the opposite direction. We don't get to say thanks to them (e.g. policemen, firemen, paramedics, those in the SAF etc.) personally most of the time, but I never take their contributions for granted because I know that we owe it to them that our society is kept safe and sound!

Civil Defence Heritage Gallery 
62 Hill Street
Singapore 179367
Tel: 6332 2996

Opening Hours 
Tuesdays - Sundays, 10am - 5pm (including public holidays)
Closed on Mondays


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