Thursday, May 31, 2012

Imperial Treasure Cantonese Cuisine (Crowne Plaza)

The thing about reviewing dim sum from well-known Chinese restaurants is that after a while, they kind of taste the same. So, I'm picking out a few dishes that may not uniformly be found in all restaurants or which deserve particular mention. 

Imperial Treasure got me right at the honey coated cashews. Such a nice break away from your usual peanuts or the brown colour soft peanuts (whatever you call them). 

Amongst the recommended dishes by the waiter were the Char Siew Bun coated in honey. Granted, the bread was soft and chewy. But it tastes just like a mini version of a char siew bun that I could buy cheaply at some bakery. Why it is a recommended dish- that I really don't know.

I normally find these deep fried dumplings pretty much standard- but this didn't meet up to my standards. While it was uber crispy, the "oil taste" was very evident.

Another recommended dish was the chives dumpling. I didn't eat it but those who ate it said that it was good and had a thin skin.

This is a deep fried banana ball with some red bean paste in it. Interesting combination but it isn't a particularly stunning.

The only thing really worth mentioning is the egg tarts. (Look at the poor egg tart which is kind of deflated). Piping hot egg tarts with a flaky crust.

While the food does not stand out, its quality is decent and actually pretty cheap. The above + char siew sou + har gow + siew mai + 2 big bowls of porridge worked out to around $100 for 6 people.

Crowne Plaza Hotel 
75 Airport Boulevard
#01-02 (next to Changi Airport T3)
Tel No: +65 6822 8228


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