Friday, May 11, 2012

The Buffet at Bellagio (Las Vegas)

Restaurants which serve buffets at Las Vegas have the most unoriginal names ever. The one at Bellagio is definitely not the only one named Buffet in Las Vegas. 

Initially, I thought the queue would be long because we arrived at around 12pm. But it took us only 15 minutes to get in. You just need to pay at the counter before entering. 

This buffet place was HUGE. I really do mean HUGE. There was a wide selection of food scattered around that I didn't even know where to begin. The thing is that they emphasise breath and not depth. Therefore, you can have a sampling of Western food, Chinese food, Japanese food, Vietnamese food, Mexican food, Italian food etc but you don't get to try many dishes from the same group of food. 

I never ever waste stomach space on bread at buffets, unless they look especially enticing. Although I didn't try the bread, I thought it was pretty cool that they had a rather wide variety of bread to select from. 

The sushi selection was quite limited and the California rolls weren't all that impressive. 

I thought the turkey tenders were delicious! The meat is very thick but it's grilled nicely. This is coupled with the fact that these are mini burgers- they tend to make you feel a little less guilty, although deep down in the inner corners of your heart and conscience, you must surely know that the fact that it's mini doesn't prevent your waistline from expanding.

Please get some BBQ ribs at the roasting station! The sauce seeps into the meat of the ribs very nicely. Pity the ribs weren't the meaty kind where you don't have to use all your energy to get a small chunk of meat out. 

I'll let the photos do the talking from now on- either I didn't try them or I tried a very insignificant portion such that they are not really worth mentioning. (By the way, the seafood section was very limited- only prawns)

Last but not least, desserts! Those who have read my posts on different buffets in Singapore would know that I love my desserts. There is a wide range of desserts and sadly, I knew I couldn't eat them all. Apparently, the tiramisu (top left hand corner) wasn't that fantastic. But I tried the pecan tart (bottom left) and the apple crumble (bottom right) and both were very good. The brownie (not in the picture) was also chock full of bitter chocolate and nuts! 

The only gripe I have with the desserts is that I wished that some of the dessert portions could be smaller so that we could try more desserts, instead of having that nagging thought in your head that you should not be stuffing yourself with too much sweet stuff. 

Overall, this place has a wide selection and the food quality is decent. For a price of $19.95 (on weekdays lunch), I think it's very worth it to go to the buffet. If you have a few more bucks to spare and love eating crab, you may want to go for the dinner instead which serves crab legs which seems to have gathered good reviews.

Please check out the website for the prices for different times and days.

p.s. For people who love to snap pictures of flowers, don't miss the Conservatory which is free of charge at Bellagio.

Buffet at Bellagio 
3600 Las Vegas Blvd S Las Vegas
NV 89109
Tel No: (702) 693-7111


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