Monday, May 14, 2012

R&G Lounge (San Francisco)

After nearly two weeks of not eating any Chinese food, we decided it was time to get our rice fix or we would simply go crazy. After going to Yelp, it seems that R&G Lounge was highly recommended. How wrong can it get if it's in the 2011 edition of Michelin guide? 

The decor is very typical of a Chinese restaurant although not typical of those in San Francisco's Chinatown which tend to be much smaller and not as polished looking. 

If you don't order the Salt and Pepper Crab (market price, ours was $38 for one crab), you would have come to R&G Lounge in vain. Every other person who came into the restaurant ordered the crab.

Sometimes, I was wondering whether I was eating soft shell crab. At other times, I was thinking of whether the tea could wash all that grease in my stomach. The thing is that, it is the first time I'm eating crab cooked in such a way and it's delicious! It's not too salty and was a good complement to the fresh crab meat. However, I think it was a little too much for 2 people to share and would be perfect for 3.

Those with health issues please avoid this dish at all cost because of the deep fried goodness and the high cholesterol!

Just to relieve some of the guilt of eating such an unhealthy dish, we decided to order the Mixed Vegetables Deluxe ($14). I appreciate the fact that the sauce of the vegetables were not salty (some restaurants drench their vegetables in salty oyster sauce).

The service here is great as well. Our plates (which were full of crab shells) were changed without us asking and they served the vegetables pretty late into our meal, presumably because it ensures that the vegetables will still be warm after we are done with the crabs.

While the price of this place is more expensive than other restaurants in Chinatown, I think it's pretty worth it if you love to eat crab cooked in different ways!

R&G Lounge 
631 Kearny St
San Francisco, CA 94108
Tel No: (415) 982-7877


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