Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Guide: Grand Canyon (Grand Adventure Tours)

Las Vegas is all about the glitzy lights and it's not called Sin City for nothing. But just take a few hours to get out of Las Vegas and you may find that a whole new world awaits.

We went on the Sunset Tour with Grand Adventures and it was a great experience. You should refer to their website which reflects the most accurate schedule because it seems like their schedule is seasonal. You may also want to book in advance because offers may be available.

Tour group size and van
The tour group was a good number- 7 of us. The van, was a little squeezy where the leg area is, although you can simply stretch it to the empty areas at the side. We had to use a screw driver to release the safety belt each time, and while it was a bit of a hassle, isn't much of a problem.

McDonald's Breakfast 
The price of breakfast is included in the package and the best part is that you can order as much as you want to! There wasn't pressure to eat quickly although everybody was sensible enough to order just enough to fill them up.

Hoover Dam
We had a few photo taking opportunities at the Hoover Dam and crossed the bridge where we spotted many hats that flew onto the rocks at the side due to the wind. So hold on tight to your caps!

Route 66 Stop in Seligman 
Fans of the Pixar movie Cars would love this place because the town in Cars is loosely based on Seligman.  Our tour guide described this place as a little creepy and you would understand why if you really came here. But, look at the resemblance below! Adequate time is given here to take photos of the interesting cars and quirky shops.

Picnic Lunch in Grand Canyon
Sitting by the Rim and having a picnic. Now, how cool's that? You get to choose from Ham, Turkey, Roast Beef, Vegetarian Sandwiches or Salad. One of us got the salad while the other got the ham sandwich. The sandwich was quite filling. The salad was okay too, just that the chicken (already cooked) was not fully thawed so there's a chance you will be eating a half frozen deep fried chicken. Besides this, you also get grapes (very sweet grapes!) and cheese and crackers. Bottled water is available the entire journey and you get real delicious cookies too!

Fully Guided Walking Tour in Grand Canyon 
The trail was easy and not taxing. Throughout the trail, our guide was there with us to help us take pictures and to point out the different plants and the different spots we could stand at to take a nice photograph. We also managed to catch the sunset at a good spot and you will enjoy the last remnants of sunlight dancing in the Grand Canyon.

Going back and final words
The ride back to the hotel was long and we ended up at the hotel at 1230 am, as stated on the website. Our guide, Trayce (yes, I didn't spell that wrongly) was really fun and had lots of jokes to share. To quote her, "I love listening to myself talk." But she knew when to give us some peace as well. On the way back, we slept and she didn't really talk until there was a restroom break. We also bought a subway sandwich at one of the gas stations during the last stop. She played some background music on the way back- +10 points for some Adele music. (I'm biased.)

Trayce has lots of knowledge and talked about many things throughout the journey. You could ask her practically anything because she promises that if she can't answer it, she will find an answer before the tour ends!

Overall, I highly recommend this tour if you want to go to the Grand Canyon and you will find that it's totally worth every dollar you pay. 


Nice and attractive place. I like that sheriff car.

Great place! I really like your blog......... and good content

I just wanted to tell you that my family and I had a FABULOUS time while visiting the Grand Canyon.las vegas tours to grand canyon

Looks great! The Grand Canyon is one in which all of the great places foremost on the world. I know that the language that seems normal, but it therefore applies terribly. Thanks for sharing.

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