Saturday, May 5, 2012

Crab House (San Francisco)

San Francisco is well known for its dungeness crab. We went to Pier 39 not knowing where the best crabs were but decided to drop by Crab House anyway just because there was the word Crab in it. (That's as good as saying i'm going Pizza Hut just because the word pizza's in it.) 

But this place didn't disappoint at all.

The place wasn't fully occupied when we went in around noon but it didn't take long before people were waiting for seats outside.

We got the Prix Fixe Menu ($24.95) which is very worth it. It includes mixed baby greens salad, killer crab and tiramisu dessert.

The salad is typical salad- tossed with ginger oil dressing. A very generous portion of greens- but that says nothing because greens probably don't cost too much.

The star of the show. It's the first time I'm eating anything other than black pepper/chilli/salted egg yolk crab. When we first saw it, we said, "Oh that looks quite small." But after digging through the claws, it was clearly enough to fill us up. The "secret garlic sauce" recipe was buttery and while some parts of the crab was a little too salty due to the butter, most of it was perfect! The crab was obviously fresh because the restaurant is located next to the pier. (okay, I suppose it isn't that obvious, but still, it was fresh.)

This was the tiramisu. I liked the flavours- not too sweet and the alcohol was just the right amount- not too overwhelming but you know it's there. The cream layer was a little too much for me, in proportion to the sponge fingers, but that really isn't much of an issue.

The server was very friendly and it's just a very chill place to enjoy some good crab at Pier 39. I would say it's really value for money as long as your appetite isn't particularly big.

Crab House 
203 C Pier 39
San Francisco, CA 94133
Tel No: (415) 434-2722


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