Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Guide: Yosemite National Park

From San Francisco, there are many good day trips you could take. One of those you cannot miss is the trip to Yosemite National Park. It's often on the list of things you should see before you die, so you should really make a trip here if you can.

We joined a local tour, Incredible Adventures, simply because we didn't have a car. As usual, check the website for any internet promotions etc.

This is one of the sights we saw on the journey. Changing landscapes also meant that we saw rows and rows of never ending almond trees. Not only was it the first time I was seeing an almond tree (you can't grow that many trees in Singapore), it was the first time I saw so many of them. We drove through Central Valley which was also famous for their walnuts, cherries and strawberries.

Along the way, we stopped at some fruit stand which sold nuts and fruits. The nuts were selling for real cheap compared to elsewhere and it's a good deal if you're a fan of nuts or dried fruits. Folks at the store were also very friendly.

We got off the van several times for some photo stops while Andrew, the guide, gave an introduction of various places including the Half Dome, Bridal veil Falls, the horsetail fall and the Yosemite Fall.

I found this a pretty interesting aspect of the Yosemite National Park. They have complicated trash bins so that they keep the bears from looking for food in the bins. Apparently, a few decades ago, the park rangers domesticated the bears and they learnt that it led to a few accidents and obesity. So, bears now live to learn on their own! Also, if you are a minivan, you should be careful of these hungry black bears. (Read the article

One place that I really liked was the Meadow Lane. We had a picnic here (bought food from the deli along the way) and spent an hour or so soaking in the beautiful scenery.

This place will be interesting for those who like scenery, or would like to take a hike. There are a few hiking routes with varying difficulty. Depending on how long you would like to spend at the park, there are also different options such as a Yosemite 2 day tour.


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