Friday, July 5, 2013

味処たけだ (Ajidokoro Takeda) (Hokkaido)

You simply can't go to Hokkaido without visiting the morning markets and having a very fresh seafood meal! 

The Sankaku Fish Market  (三角市場) in Otaru is within a very short walking distance from the JR Otaru Station. You just need to turn left when walking out of the station. 

On one side, they sell fresh seafood. On the other, they have little shops dishing fresh seafood to their hungry customers.

We decided on this shop because there were the most people in this shop. After the orders are taken, the seafood is taken directly from the stall opposite this shop.

Pictures of celebrities and their signatures were plastered all over the wall.

I had a 三色井 (1500 JPY) which consisted of crab meat, prawns and scallops. Generous and large pieces of succulent scallops, sweet crab and prawn meat- everything was just shouting "fresh"!

I also tried the Grilled Salmon. This was so beautifully grilled- I haven't tasted salmon so good. None of the fishy taste, just good smoky flavour infused in the fish meat, without being dry and salty.

Service was great as well at this humble little shop which sells extraordinary seafood.

市場食堂 味処たけだ 


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