Friday, July 26, 2013

Villa Lika (Croatia)

Everything about Lake Plitvice is beautiful. Even Villa Lika, the place we stayed at, was cosy and aesthetically pleasing.

1) Location: Reaching here by public transport
We took the bus from Zadar. Be sure to stop at the Mukinje bus stop, which is a stop or two before where everybody normally alights at the lakes. Otherwise, I assure you that you would like to kick yourself in your leg when lugging luggage down the roads without proper pavements.

2) Location: Getting to the Park from here 
To get from Villa Lika to Entrance 2 of Lake Plitvice, first turn right then turn left to reach the main road. You will be walking on the road, right next to vehicles, so be wary. It's about a 30 minute walk before you reach a bridge. Cross it, walk a little more (good directions are given within the park) then buy your entrance tickets to the national park.

3) Room
There is free and good wifi connection within the premises. The beds were comfortable and the toilets were lime green in colour with a good showerhead. There was also air-conditioning. It was also the first time in our trip that we actually managed to watch many international channels on the TV.

4) Where to get food supplies
There is a restaurant in the villa which serves dinner and breakfast. For a three course meal, it cost 15 Euros. We didn't opt for that so we went out to a nearby ski resort and got a much cheaper meal instead. Food quality might not be comparable but we were just looking for a cheaper option. There is also a small supermarket but you have to walk about 20 minutes up the hill to reach the market.

5) Overall
For the 70 Euros a night we paid, I think it was well worth it, even though it wasn't located within the park. The people who were operating the place were also friendly.

Villa Lika
Mukinje 63
Plitvice Lakes National Park 53231, Croatia


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