Friday, July 26, 2013

Trezo Restauracja (Krakow)

Normally, we don't harbour high hopes of entering into any restaurant which is ranked within the first 10 of Tripadvisor's recommendations (this place is ranked #2). BUT this was a true exception. A neat place with affordable food.

They have set lunches and you have to check with the waiter what is available or simply look outside at the board which states the menu both in Polish in English.

For 15 Polish zloty, I got myself a soup, main course, salad and drink. First to come up was Chicken Soup With Noodles. Although there was a layer of visible oil floating on the surface of the soup, it did not taste oily at all. Instead, it just tasted like food to cure a cold or to keep one warm.

The main course I ordered was Grilled Neck with Pepper Sauce and Rice. I never figured out which part of the pork is actually the most tender. It's either the way they cook it or the part of the pork, but the meat was really easy to shred and wasn't the least bit dry. I liked the black pepper sauce as well which was not too overpowering.

The drink was a Kompot which the waiter simply explained as home made juice. It's supposedly a mixture of fruits in water but didn't taste anything like it. I gave up drinking this halfway because it tasted a little weird to me.

I also tried some Pierogi/Dumplings fried in butter with sour cream and thyme (14 zloty). These little pockets were pretty addictive.

The food was well worth the price and service excellent as well.

Trezo Restauracja
31-052 Cracow
Miodowa 33 Street


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