Friday, July 26, 2013

Restoran Vinodol (Croatia)

This was hands down one of my favourite meals this trip. After a 7 hour walk at Lake Plitvice and a bus ride from Lake Plitvice to Zagreb, I told my friend, "I could eat a cow now." We then decided to go to Vinodol to reward ourselves after a day of walking. 

The terrace outside the restaurant was completely filled. There was a nice bustling atmosphere but we didn't care too much about it because we'd rather not put up with the smoke. Instead, we shifted into the restaurant where only two tables were occupied.

We ordered a Tomato Soup (20 kn) which brought much needed comfort to our hungry tummies. Their bread basket also offered a larger variety of bread that other European restaurants serve.

But this, really, was the star. I had the Grilled Trout with Almonds (62 kunas) together with Homemade Croquettes (28 kunas). The trout was really fresh, along with some salt sprinkled on it. I never knew what a magic combination almonds and fishes could have. That with the lemon juice squeezed on it made a very impressive dish.

The waiters were all very busy and a couple of them weren't friendly. Nevertheless, the one who served our table was alright.

A nice ambience with great food! It's in a central location, so no reason to miss out on this place.

Restoran Vinodol
Ulica Nikole Tesle 10
Zagreb 10000, Croatia 


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