Sunday, June 7, 2015

Seoul Yummy

Seoul had so much great food that we decided to have some Korean food since we were walking aimlessly around in Marina Square. It was spacious and we were surrounded by K-pop related pictures, videos and music the moment we stepped in. 

The banchan were unfortunately a far cry from those that we had in Seoul. Miserable in quantity and didn't taste fantastic either- look at the miserly and pathetic looking vegetables. The ikan bilis were also too salty.

I had the Special One Combo ($15.90). This combo came with a choice of your main (kimchi ramyon, korean fishcake udon, korean jajang rice or seoulyummy bibimbab) and side (fish pancake, fried pork dumplings, fried kimchi dumplings, fried prawns, fried assorted mushrooms or fried wings and drumlets).

I opted for the fried prawns where they surprisingly gave more pieces than I had expected. It was deep fried to a golden crisp and accompanied by a sweet mayonnaise like dip.

As for the mains, I went with the Kimchi Ramyon. While it was definitely spicy, it was not overwhelmingly so. The ingredients were a little sparse and I wish they had given more mushrooms to give the soup a more robust flavour.

This is what I would call the Pastamania of Korean food- affordable, fast and average. Service was pleasant and friendly.

Seoul Yummy
6 Raffles Boulevard
Tel No: 6337 3730 


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