Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Travelling C.O.W (Chef on Wheels)

Food trucks are not common in Singapore- there used to be initiatives to get such schemes going but somehow these just didn't work out. 

When I think about food trucks, I think of the movie Chef- I loved the movie, it was a complete feast for the eyes.  

Here we have The Travelling C.O.W which is both a food truck and has recently got a shop space as well. 

The cafe was empty on a Sunday night and we were the only ones there. Fuss free - that's how they keep meals affordable!

You order your meal at the counter and the food will be delivered to you. Remember to clear your plates after that!

We ordered a Seafood Laksa Pasta ($12). It's always interesting to have a fusion between pasta and Singaporean dishes- so far, I have had Tom Yum Seafood Pasta at 49 Seats, Chilli crab Spaghettini at Halia and now laksa! Next up, bak kut teh pasta?

The laksa paste was done right- neither too dilute (like a soup base) nor too thick. For the price of $12, they did not stinge on the seafood.

We also ordered a Chicken Tsukane Burger ($12) and topped up $2 for truffle fries (I can never get enough of truffle fries!). I often judge the lettuce that restaurants / cafes serve and here, the lettuce were bright green and crunchy, with no signs of black edges. That's what every self-respecting cafe / restaurant should seek to achieve!

The thick and juicy chicken patty was sandwiched between two lightly buttered buns, coupled with a beautiful sunny side up. Pity though, the egg was fried for a little too long and had a bitter base due to the slight char.

The food here is decent and with the Entertainer app, we each paid around $6 for our food.

The Travelling C.O.W (Chef on Wheels)
CT Hub 1
2 Kallang Avenue


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