Sunday, July 31, 2016

Dellas Boutique Hotel (Meteora)

1) Location 

We wanted to visit the Meteora, after hearing from friends how it was an absolute must-do (yes, it is!). 

The Dellas Boutique Hotel is located at Kastraki village, next to Kalambaka town. It is no more than a 10 minute drive to the Meteora and is very close to food options. 

2) Room

The room is clean and spacious. The decor here may feel a little gaudy, due to the red furniture and the general colour scheme, but generally, the place is comfortable with fast wifi connection.

It makes perfect sense to build doors that can shut (unlike some hotels) so that the water does not splash out.

3) Breakfast

What a spread for breakfast! Lots of fruits, jams, cakes, cookies, eggs, ham- you will be spoilt for choice.

4) Service 

The service here is extraordinary and it is what makes the stay here very pleasant. Not only are the service staff very familiar with Meteora (that would be expected), they were very friendly, very ready to help and very knowledgeable. I like how they are even happy to lend reference books to the guests to learn more about this place.

When we told one of them that the restaurant she recommended was unfortunately closed for lunch, she immediately picked up the phone to give the restaurant a call (even though we told her it was fine), just so that she could explain why.


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