Saturday, June 24, 2017

Old School Delights

My good friend's mother was telling me that she liked this cafe along Thomson - Old School Delights because it was fun. Since it got her stamp of approval, we headed down. 

I think the main draw here is that they provide games (from our era) for families to bond over.

Back in those days when there was no iPhone, no iPad, no internet on phones, my mum used to buy random games for us to play- Uno, Game of Life, Monopoly, Snake & Ladders, Bingo, Scrabble, Donkey etc. And of course, not forgetting Old Maid. At this cafe, they bring you back to those good old days. Up till this day, my mum still owns us at playing five stones, nothing has changed in 20 years!

Even their menu is in the form of a school notebook.

The Lil' Drumlets ($5.50), not surprisingly, were a hit. Deep fried to a crisp and very juicy within.

I ordered the Hor Fun with Mushroom Stock ($8.80). The question is why should I be paying so much for something that I can buy for much cheaper in a hawker centre? Aside from the fact that the price point is fine considering that you enjoy the comforts of air con and can play games, they try to value add to the dish. For example, the portion here is certainly bigger than what you get at a hawker centre and the mushrooms are certainly bigger as well. My only gripe with this was that it was a little too salty.

While i didn't try the Nasi Lemak Besar ($6.90), I tried the jumbo otak which was pretty decent.

We ended the meal with a Lemony Cake ($4.50). Without any embellishment, this was a homely and simple cake that was buttery and lemony without being too sweet.

A nostalgic place with decent food at affordable prices.

Old School Delights 
215M Upper Thomson Road
Tel No: 6458 4518 


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