Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Meat n' Chill

I have a friend who is essentially a carnivore and he has been craving Meat n' Chill for the longest time because of the Value Lunch Platter, which is a meat platter comprising 200g New York strip, chicken chop stacks, fried fish, smoked pork and to make themselves appear as though they are not hard core meat guys, they throw in a token garden salad as well. That's exactly like me! I eat a lot and then decide to do nominal exercise just because it makes me feel better. But too bad my friend couldn't get to eat it because this promotion was only applicable during weekday lunch. 

The pork ribs here come with different combinations and if you like pork ribs, you will be able to find something. Being the boring old us, we stuck to the Signature Pork Ribs (Cajun) ($21). Each main came with 2 sides and we chose the garden salad and Southern biscuit. The well-marinated and juicy pork ribs were meaty and slid off the bone easily. 

We also ordered the Meat n' Chill Seafood Platter ($26)- looks amazing, tastes amazing as well. The calamari was coated with a thick crispy batter. The mussels were fresh but the star of the show has got to be the prawns- I caught a whiff of the smokey prawns before the prawns exploded in my mouth- it was so juicy! The thing about grilling food is that it often tends to dry the food out but this does not happen in this instance. The only issue I have with the prawn is that it is a little too salty. Other than that, this Seafood Platter is delicious and great for sharing.

We were surprised that food traffic was low on a Saturday afternoon. Chill environment with all that comfort (translate: unhealthy) food made for a great afternoon.

Meat n' Chill 
6th Avenue Centre #01-04
Tel No: 8812 4455 


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