Sunday, March 4, 2018

Fatboy's The Burger Bar (Upper Thomson)

Before moving to my current abode, I used to live near another Fatboy's outlet. But, well, because it looked like I might potentially put on a few kilograms eating their burgers, I wasn't that interested in giving the burgers a try. 

However, as we were on a quest to try all the eateries along Upper Thomson, we decided that it was only right that we tried the burgers at Fatboy's.  

Their menu looked enticing, with a couple of arteries-clogging burgers. But the thing I was truly attracted to was the fact that you could build your own burger, with a good variety of toppings. 

I first chose the healthy sounding honey oat bun ($2), then chose toppings including portabello mushroom ($4.50), fried egg ($1.50), fried onion strings ($1.50), and topped it off with truffle mayo ($1.50). For my dream combination, this burger only cost $11, which is reasonably priced. The honey oat bun was thick and fluffy, the deep fried onion strings were rather addictive (except that it was a tad over deep fried, and a little dry), and the mushroom was juicy. However, the mushroom was slathered with a tad too much balsamic vinegar and it overwhelmed the otherwise earthy taste of the mushroom. All burgers came with fries. Now, if they ever want to expand their menu, please include fish!

If I were craving for burgers, I would bear this place in mind, simply because it is decently priced and the food is reasonably good. The wait for the food can be a little slow because they have delivery orders to handle as well.

Fatboy's The Burger Bar
187 Upper Thomson Road
Tel No: 6252 8780


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