Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Pelican Seafood Bar and Grill

I'm a fan of seafood done in any style, which was why I was attracted to the Pelican Platter ($128) here. However, we didn't have it in the end because we thought our budget was better spent on a variety of food. 

First up was the complimentary sour dough bread. It took us a while before we figured that the tiny bits embedded in the bread were seaweed. The seaweed had a strong "sea smell" and this was the beginning of a good meal.

We had the Old Fashioned Crab Cakes ($22). It's been a long time since I ordered crab cakes. The crab cakes here comprised of lots of crab meat, encrusted in a crispy coating and accompanied with tartar sauce.

The Baked Snapper Pie ($38) was visually pleasing to begin with. It's obviously shouting, "Hey! I contain fish!" After you reluctantly use your fork to pierce through the flaky crust (how can anyone destroy that beautiful fish motif), you reach a bed of creamy stew with boneless snapper. The key is that it is boneless. We finished every single drop of the stew because it was not too salty, and just a bowl of good stew.

While contemplating whether to order dessert, we gave in and got a Double Chocolate Whoopie Pie ($16). This is enough for two to share because it's incredibly rich. You will definitely like it if you are a chocolate lover.

The decor and ambience of this place was excellent. Service was attentive but not intrusive.

The Pelican Seafood Bar & Grill
One Fullerton
1 Fullerton Road
Tel No: 6 438 0400 


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