Monday, June 30, 2014

Bebek Bengil (Ubud, Bali)

Bebek Bengil means dirty duck. Why dirty duck? One morning, a bunch of ducks waddled into the restaurant, complete with muddy footprints. That was how they came up with the name. 

Once we reached the restaurant, we knew that this was a place that was raking in the tourist dollars- beautiful and spacious, a reception area etc. The prices were definitely tourist prices too. 

The Bebek Bengil (around Sin$12-Sin$13) came with half a duck which was steamed in Indonesian spices and then deep fried. You could choose whether to have the duck served with sauteed potatoes and side salad or rice and Balinese vegetables. Sure, the duck was crispy. However, there was very little meat and whatever spices that were used completely masked the taste of the duck. The duck meat was also dry. I initially liked the potatoes because they were soft and tasted of herbs. However, the oil that they sauteed the potatoes in started to get a little overwhelming after a while.

Anyone who goes to Ubud will definitely want to make a trip here, despite any negative reviews. It's a case of seeing is believing. Once of this is enough. Nice ambience, average service and overpriced / overrated food.

Bebek Bengil
Jalan Hanoman, Padang Tegal
Ubud, Bali
Tel No: + 62 361 975489 


totally agree on every point! ate here once because of all the rave reviews (who are all these people who keep raving about the food anyways?!?!!), and found the duck waaaay too dry, food too underwhelming, and prices too lacking in value, so yes, never going back ever again.

Yes! Plus the price seems to be increasing at a fairly fast rate. I was looking through other blogs and its price has doubled within the last few years!

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