Saturday, June 7, 2014

Makan Dulu

Makan Dulu means "eat first" in Malay. Previously known as Lee's Kitchen, it's now known as Makan Dulu because customers thought this was a zichar place when it was named Lee's Kitchen. 

Located at Katong Shopping Centre, it is a  real pity that this place isn't getting the crowd it deserves.

I strongly recommend getting a Lee's Charcoal Fish. The half fish ($16.80) had a crispy skin infused with a sweet sauce. This coupled with the smoky taste of the charcoal fish was a clear winner.

The Tahu Goreng ($5.60) was average with a homely peanut sauce.

This was another must order. Because we had tried the Charcoal Fish, we decided not to go for the Charcoal Grilled Chicken but ordered the Ayam Bumbu ($5.90) instead. This was essentially curry chicken with a very smooth curry base. The waiter informed us that the coconut milk is extracted fresh daily. The chicken was also very tender.

All of the above dishes were good on their own- but when paired with this rice, it just makes you think of how good and simple life can be sometimes. We ordered rice and they came with two of these little buckets- one was filled with coconut rice and the other with plain rice. We tried both and of course swept the coconut rice clean. Fragrant and not oily- this was perfect with the dishes. 

I didn't try the chendol but my mum who tried it said that it was rather average.

Service here was friendly and helpful. They are familiar with the menu and make good recommendations. An enjoyable lunch here!

Makan Dulu 
Katong Shopping Centre
865 Mountbatten Road
Tel No: 6 534 1602 


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